At All Nations Church, we have been captured by the power of stories. They are a means of communication common to the whole of humanity, and have been used for centuries as a way of keeping truth alive. As Christians, we believe that the stories of Jesus, both from his time on earth and his actions in the lives of his followers today, carry his life; they have the power to change us.

    So we started “Life Stories.” We get together as a family and open up the invite to our city for a pastry breakfast, to come and hear how Jesus life has changed ours. But we couldn’t limit those stories to a morning, and so welcome to our Life Stories page where you will find mini-films of our friends sharing their experiences, and our blog, where you can read stories of all sorts.

    We hope that you will be inspired by what you see and read, but most of all that you will come to know the only way to true life: Jesus Christ.  

    If you are impacted by these stories, then you can contact us via email, telephone or social media to talk more.


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