All Nations Church comprises people of all ages from different social and cultural backgrounds. 

Our meetings are characterised by a passion for the presence of the Holy Spirit and the glory of Jesus. This, alongside relevant and practical teaching from the Bible, enables us to live effectively in our world and to reach our communities with the love of God. Every member also belongs to one of our Life Groups, our daily outworking of church life. Through Life Groups we build up the church to reach our communities.

All Nations Church works with other churches around the United Kingdom and the world, as part of Ministries Without Borders®. Together we are committed to seeing the gospel of the kingdom preached to all people groups and to see the church throughout the world come to full maturity.

All Nations Church began in the 1970s when a group of Christians in Penarth, South Wales, were baptised in the Holy Spirit. Recognising they needed help and direction, they contacted Arthur Wallis, who introduced Keri Jones to them. Ever since, Keri has provided apostolic oversight to what has become All Nations Church. 

In the early 1980s the church was joined by another group who had themselves recently been baptised in the Spirit. After meeting in various schools across Cardiff, the church acquired some land, and in 1991 All Nations Centre opened. 

Under Keri’s apostleship the church has continued to grow and, in line with its name, currently has over thirty nations represented in its membership. 

our leaders

  • terence erlenbach

    Terence Erlenbach or T as he likes to be called, is originally from the USA and moved to the UK full time in 2003. After many successful years as a Business Manager for Airbus T began working full time for ministries without borders®. Terence is recognised internationally in his pastoral ministry and heads up the LIFEGroups at All Nations Church. T is married to Beth and they have a son.

  • andrew guy

    Andrew is originally from Northern Ireland and first came to South Wales to study at what is now University of Glamorgan. He graduated from Covenant College in 1995 and was set in as an elder in All Nations in 1998. An IT specialist, Andrew is currently Director of Cedar Support. He is married to Deborah and they have two children.

  • james aubrey

    James serves as an Elder to All Nations Church. He works full time for the church and amongst his responsibilities James overseas our student work. He has a PhD in English Literature. James and his wife Saskia have three children.

  • charles smith

    To follow...

  • david shutt

    David works full time at All Nations Church in Cardiff where he serves as an Elder. David is also the Principal of Covenant College which is based in Cardiff. David lives in Caerphilly with his wife Zoe and their two children.

  • roger aubrey

    Roger was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. He lives in the city with his wife Dianne. Roger serves on the leadership team of All Nations Church, with responsibility for teaching and preaching. He visits Churches and Bible Colleges throughout the world, teaching the Word of God and building up the Body of Christ. Roger has a Master's Degree and a PhD in Christian Theology from Cardiff University

  • keri jones

    Keri is the apostle to All Nations Church. Although he makes his home in South Wales, Keri travels extensively, working with churches across the United Kingdom and in Norway, India, United States and Latin America. He is also Chairman of the Board of Governors of Covenant School of Ministries. Keri and his wife Carol have five children and five grandchildren.

  • tim jones

    Tim is based in Cardiff with his family & works with the leadership in overseeing the strategy & implementation of the churches outreach and evangelism. His work also takes him to many other nations as he helps church leaders & groups reach out. He is currently overseeing the launch of an exciting new gospel training program based in Cardiff, for more information please visit